Monday, 30 May 2011

Why Ameloiorate?

This is a blog about my screen-printing designs but it won't really work if they are my only focus.I really want to encourage people to "back" themselves and enjoy being creative and I see this blog as a journey along those lines.

So why Ameliorate?

Ameliorate is a verb which can mean to make better and if you really think about the crafting/creative process, it can be about making an object better such as taking plain tees and screening-printing them to make them look more funky but it can also be about what that process does to you, the screen-printer, how it makes you feel...the pride when someone loves your work and the pride you take in your work.

Ameliorate as a design name works on that level for me and also as a mother I spend a lot of my time making things better for my kids and especially after the last few years that my whanau (family) have experienced making things better .

For anyone that knows us they will also see that Ameliorate is a pun on Miss A's name much to the disgust of Miss E.

So on many levels it was a forgone conclusion that Ameliorate it had to be!!

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