Tuesday, 14 June 2011

Tote Bags on Felt

 I've put some new screen-printed bags into my shop on felt.co.nz. I especially love the ones made from my Nana's doilies. What do you think?

 Then there's the Get Your Craft on Phrenology Totes. I must post some pictures of My Phrenology Tees...I love them!!

More Earthquakes

My city was rocked by more quakes on Monday with a 6.3 magnitude one causing more damage to our all ready busted up infrastructure. Our house is damaged but we are still fortunate-there are people whose homes will have been flooded and full of liquefaction for the second and third times and power and water are still not back on for these same poor people. Even as I write this, a significant aftershock has just occurred.
It appears more difficult to put a positive slant on this. People are so tired and this state of limbo is so upsetting and frustrating.
I suppose that as I begin on this new part of my life, I really want to acknowledge the continuing tradgdy and devastation my poor city is facing.

Saturday, 11 June 2011

Some of my stuff

After learning heaps at my first craft market two weeks ago (Thanks to The Craft Collective) I have opened a shop on Felt   Surprise, surprise my shop is called Ameliorate and at this stage I've uploaded a couple of my tees which I hope will sell .
Here are some pictures of them:
First up The Vespa Tee

Friday, 10 June 2011

View, Listen and Think

Now this is something I find inspiring..great life lessons in this TED talk

Wednesday, 8 June 2011

My How Things Change!!

Life does go on and recently I would never class it as uneventful.
Last year I applied for leave from my full-time job in order to support Miss A who has some health issues as she began school. I took six weeks but things began to change at work and what with having to start earleir because of the earthqauke I began to re-evaluate what early starts and the stress I was feeling were doing to my family so after over 20 years working full-time pausing only to take six months maternity leave off per child, I submitted my resignation ...great, scary, great, scary, loss of salary, scary, great...eeek!!!
My man has been so supportive but now it was time to put into action plans that had been circling in my head...not just any plan, but a creative plan!!! It was al down to me (cue scary horror music..duh, duh duh!!!)

Monday, 6 June 2011

Xylophone in the forest

There is no way I will be able to blog if I can't share cool and quirky things I find on the net. Check this one out..found via Design Mom who found it via Sarah

Friday, 3 June 2011

How did it all begin?

I 'spose it all began last year when my friend Victoria suggested that we take a screen-printing course at CPIT the local polytechnic. I was really keen as I had finally realised that it was okay to be addicted to fabric and that I really wanted to explore a more creative life.
The course was fanatastic and I learnt heaps from my tutor Carla Watson of Imprint-Textiles and Designs which then prompted me to enrol in her advanced weekend course. From there, I took some of my designs into work where they were scooped up and bought by my colleagues giving me a lovely Christmas bonus.
Then, nothing... caught up with family life and working full-time screen-printing fell behind renovating, curtain making...it just wasn't happening.