Wednesday, 8 June 2011

My How Things Change!!

Life does go on and recently I would never class it as uneventful.
Last year I applied for leave from my full-time job in order to support Miss A who has some health issues as she began school. I took six weeks but things began to change at work and what with having to start earleir because of the earthqauke I began to re-evaluate what early starts and the stress I was feeling were doing to my family so after over 20 years working full-time pausing only to take six months maternity leave off per child, I submitted my resignation ...great, scary, great, scary, loss of salary, scary, great...eeek!!!
My man has been so supportive but now it was time to put into action plans that had been circling in my head...not just any plan, but a creative plan!!! It was al down to me (cue scary horror music..duh, duh duh!!!)

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