Tuesday, 23 April 2013

Making Samples

You may or may not know that I have the pleasure of teaching classes at the fantabulous Make Cafe here in Christchurch.
This evening I have been creating some Woodland Creatures for a potential workshop for kids.
Here is what I came up with complete with a  forest background that would be fun to colour in.
Of course there is a fox (that really goes without saying!!) an owl, hedgehog and a toadstool.
What I'm really liking about these creatures is that I have made them from some drawings I did a couple of weeks ago when we first talked about having another felt workshop for kids. I am really liking that I am able to create the whole process from drawing to finished creature-not that, for me is pretty exciting!!

Thursday, 11 April 2013

Craft Love Festival

Craft Love Festival
Bloggers ConnectingI am really excited to be participating in The Craft Love Festival at Mairehau High School tomorrow night. As one of the organisers, Hazel, of Hazel Loves Design says: only one more sleep!!

This Festival/market is being held in conjunction with Around the Table-bloggers connecting which has been organised by some amazing and talented local women who have even made it to Stuff which is fabulous publicity for the event! I am going to the dinner on Saturday night which is looking to be an interesting get together.

I've just finished a little bit of sewing and I'm playing around with a mock set up for tomorrow night...
foxes, ninjas, squiggle-bops, cushions t-shirts, tea-towels, pillowcases, hoop embroidery and purses-it's almost like a mini homewares store.

Sunday, 7 April 2013


I have just started to play with some of the scraps I got from Cat in the Scrap Bag Swap. It's really exciting (especially for a fabric addict such as myself) to say I have so many scraps to choose from. Here is a little stitchery from one of my many doodles I began at a market last weekend. I call her/it Red. I think I'll leave it in the hoop but will need to put a backing on it..so almost completed...