Tuesday, 28 February 2012

Gettin' My Craft On!!

I have just finished making 30 of these. What do you think??
They are known as key fob chains or wristlets. I think they'll be rather useful for keeping your keys safe when you're out walking the dog or when you need your keys, don't have pockets and don't want to carry a handbag...I'm thinking they look pretty good!!

Sunday, 26 February 2012

Scrap Bag Swap

Hi Everyone,
Seems like ages since I've posted but I really wanted to share this cool swap I'm involved with hosted by the fabulous Nin from the blog The Wardrobe. Incidentally, you should check her blog out-it is really inspiring.
Anyhoo, The Scrap Bag Swap is this grand idea of secretly sending some of your fabric scraps to  a randomly chosen person in a bag you have made for them (don't forget the bag!!) and then all participants share what they have made from their scraps in a group on Flicka.
I posted my scraps off to Nin the organiser (no pressure!!) and she seems to be happy with my selection...the above photo is from her blog. Looking forward to my package arriving in the mail.