Sunday, 10 July 2011

My New Toy

Recently I rashly bought a YUDU Card Shop screen printer. When I got it home I was a little disappointed because I thought I had bought this:

but instead I got this:

So I left it, put it to one side while I focused on getting my tees screen-printed.
Yesterday the house was relatively tidy and Miss E was at a party and Miss A was happily amused, I pulled it out and what a pleasant surprise it all turned out to be.

 These are the inks and if you've got bionic eyes you might see on the box some ideas for use.
 This is what the screens look like. I got the one in the second picture above with the machine and then purchased another set.
The screen fits easily onto the base and then you pour on some ink, flood the screen and then print.
 Here is one of the designs I printed which I'm loving.

and then I printed some on the pages of an old book I picked up from Ecoshop which used to be the Supershed before it moved to Blenheim Road . I think you might be seeing some of these prints in my shop on Felt in the near future.

So all in all I am really pleased with my new purchase and I'm all ready imagining all the other things I can create.
What do you think?

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